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The UW is one of the world’s preeminent public universities. Our impact on individuals, our region and the world is profound — whether we are launching young people into a boundless future or confronting the grand challenges of our time through undaunted research and scholarship.

Related Centers

Center for Environmental Education and Design Studies (CEEDS), CEEDS brings together a culturally diverse, interdisciplinary group of faculty and students to enhance learning and community well-being through participatory research and design with K -12 schools, government agencies, and grassroots organizations.

Center for Urban Waters The research conducted at the Center for Urban Waters seeks to understand and quantify the sources, pathways and impacts of chemical pollutants in urban waterways. UW students work side-by-side with Urban Waters colleagues, contributing to research teams while gaining valuable training and experience.

Climate Impacts Group The Climate Impact Group supports the development of climate resilience by advancing understanding and awareness of climate risks, and working closely with public and private entities to apply this information as they act to shape society’s future.

Green Futures Research and Design Lab Green Futures Research and Design Lab supports interdisciplinary research and design that advances our understanding of, vision for, and design of a vital and ecologically sustainable public realm. The Lab applies Green Futures research and designs to policy develop potential urban green infrastructure solutions within Seattle and the Pacific Northwest region.

Urban Ecology Research Laboratory (UERL) UERL transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries to address some of society’s most challenging problems. Research interests include: complexity and resilience in coupled natural and human systems, urban landscape patterns and ecosystem function, urban ecosystem management, modeling land cover change, adaptation and scenario planning.

Faculty Affiliates


Rob Corser, Associate Professor
Elizabeth Golden, Associate Professor
Joel Loveland, Director (Integrated Design Lab)
Richard Mohler, Associate Professor
Kathryn Rogers Merlino, Associate Professor; Adjunct Assistant Professor (Landscape Architecture)

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Stephen J. Burges, Professor Emeritus
David Butman, Assistant Professor
Anne Goodchild, Assistant Professor; Director (Supply Chain Transportation and Logistics Center)
Heidi Gough, Research Assistant Professor
Amy Kim, Assistant Professor
Edward Kolodziej, Assistant Professor
Gregory V. Korshin, Professor
Timothy V. Larson, Professor
Julian D. Marshall, Professor
Michael Motley, Assistant Professor
Stephen T. Muench, Associate Professor
Bart Nijssen, Associate Professor
Michael J. Pilat, Professor Emeritus
David A. Stahl, Professor
Stuart E. Strand, Research Professor
James M. Thomson, Associate Professor
Joseph Wartman, Associate Professor

College of the Environment

Nicole Faghin, Coastal Management Specialist (Washington Sea Grant)

Landscape Architecture

Jeff Hou, Department Chair; Professor
Julie Johnson, Associate Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Nancy Rottle, Professor
Ben Spencer, Associate Professor
Thaisa Way, Professor
Daniel Winterbottom, Professor
Ken Yocom, Associate Professor; Graduate Program Coordinator

Urban Design and Planning

Daniel Abramson, Associate Professor
Marina Alberti, Professor
Rachel Berney, Assistant Professor
Christopher Campbell, Department Chair

Urban Studies at UW Tacoma

Anne Taufen Wessells, Associate Professor

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