What We Do

Rethinking the City- APRU Sustainability Hub from International Ducks on Vimeo.

The SCL Research Hub will address local city-landscape issues associated with global challenges by engaging with partners from academia, local stakeholders, urban policy makers and major developers to bring about transformative activities and innovative solutions.

Key activities that the Hub will pursue include the Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Annual Conference, the development of interdisciplinary research teams and collaborative projects, as well as suitable and innovative training opportunities.

The University of Oregon’s (UO) Global Studies Institute held the inaugural APRU SCL hub planning meeting at the UO Portland campus on November 11-12, 2016. 16 sustainability experts from seven APRU member universities and the APRU International Secretariat came together to discuss the SCL Hub’s core focus to be on the city-landscape interplay as well as the Hub’s key principles and main research areas for the next five years. The multidisciplinary group represented disciplines  across Landscape Architecture, Planning, Architecture, Human Ecology, Environment and Sustainability.


White paper generated from 2017 Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference

Rethinking the Street In An Era of Driverless Cars

2017 APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference

6th Annual EPIC-N Conference and Workshop

Funded Training Opportunity at Resilient Cities Conference 2017

The APRU SCL Hub brings a unique training opportunity taking place at the Resilient Cities 2017 Forum in May 2017. The training model is called Educational Partnership for Innovation in Communities Network (EPIC-N) and is designed to address the broad spectrum of sustainability-related information and knowledge needs of local governments and communities. More information can be found on the APRU SCL website.