National Taiwan University

National Taiwan University (NTU) takes pride in her history and tradition in nurturing an environment of academic freedom, diversity, and comprehensive research. We wish to build an ecosystem which attracts top researchers from Taiwan and the world.

Related Centers

New Energy Center, The center focuses on the technology of new and renewable energy. Collaboration between academia and industries is central when looking for new creative, innovative solutions. A goal of the center is to break through the bottle-neck promotion of solar energy and the development and introduction of new energy products.

Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research, The purpose of WCDR is to reinforce international communication and academic-industry collaboration, provide high quality services to respond to the impact of global climate change in order to efficiently reduce disaster damages.

Faculty Affiliates

Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering

Yu-Pin Lin, Distinguished Professor and Department Chair

Graduate Institute of Building and Planning

Sheng-Lin Chang, Department Chair, Professor
Chu-Joe Hsia
Li-ling Huang, Associate Professor, Director (Campus Planning Office, NTU)
Shu-Mei Huang, Associate Professor
Min-Jay Kang, Associate Professor
Shin-Kun Peng, Joint Appointment Professor (Economics)
Chih-hung Wang, Professor
Hung-Kai Wang

Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering

Pen-Chi Chiang, Distinguished Professor
Shang-lien Lo, Distinguished Professor
Hwong-wen Ma, Professor
Shian-Chee Wu, Professor
Chang-Ping Yu, Associate Professor

School of Forestry and Resource Conservation

Hsiao-Wei Yuan

Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Cy Chang, Professor
Chia-Kuen Cheng, Associate Professor
Kuo-Tan Li, Assistant Professor
Bau-Show Lin, Assistant Professor
Yann-Jou Lin, Professor

Institute of Oceanography

Xie Zhihao

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