Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University is a research university located in Beijing, China, established in 1911. With strong research and training, Tsinghua University is consistently ranked as one of the top academic institutions in China.

Related Centers

Research Center for New Energy and Environmental Technology, The research center contains two key laboratories. The first is Low-carbon Energy and Energy-saving Technology, which focuses on research on core technologies in new energy, new materials, energy saving and environment protection, persisting high-end technology innovation and breakthroughs in the forefront of international technology. The second laboratory, Industrial Separation and Environment Protection.

Faculty Affiliates

School of Architecture

Daozeng Li, Professor
Wenqi Lin, Professor (Urban Planning & Design)
Hailong Liu, Assistant Professor (Urban Planning & Design)
Jian Liu, Associate Dean; Associate Professor (Urban Planning & Design)
Nianxiong Liu, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Professor
Rong Rao, Associate Professor
Yi Wang, Professor
Weijia Wu, Professor (Urban Planning & Design)
Tiesheng Yuan, Vice Professor
Zhengnan Zhou, Associate Professor

School of Building Technology and Science

Borong Lin, Professor

Department of Environmental Planning and Management

Can Wang, Chair of the Department; Professor

Department of Environmental Science & Engineering

Miao Chang, Senior Research Fellow
Pengfei Du, Associate Professor; Division Director (Environmental System Analysis)
Yi Liu, Professor

Department of Landscape Architecture

Hu Jie, Professor; Vice-President (Urban Planning & Design Institute); Director & Chief Designer (Research Center for Landscape Architecture)
Shuhua Li, Professor; Professor (Urban Planning & Design)
Rui Yang, Chair of the Department
Youbo Zhuang, Assistant Professor

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