Annual Conference

 2020 APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference
September 3rd – 6th, 2020   |   University of Auckland   |   Auckland, New Zealand

APRU SCL brings together experts from around the region to exchange ideas and engage in activities during annual conferences focused on sustainable city-landscape interactions.

The Association of Pacific Rim Universities Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Hub (APRU SCL) recently held its 3rd annual conference hosted by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia from August 29 through September 1, 2019.

The APRU SCL conference is an exciting opportunity for academics, practitioners, and public officials from different disciplines to collaborate on research and advocacy projects that foster long-term sustainability and resilient city-landscape relationships. This three-day conference is structured around working groups that bracket a range of social, economic and environmental issues. Each conference attendee contributes to a working group of their choice as well as opportunities to participate in conference-wide plenaries, events, and excursions.

Working Groups

  • Infrastructural ecologies
  • Urban renewable energy
  • Smart cities
  • Sustainable urban design
  • Urban-rural linkages
  • Transitions in urban waterfronts
  • Vulnerable communities
  • Landscapes and human health
  • Urban biodiversity
  • Food and nutrition security
  • Water and wastewater

Registration Process

Registrations for the 4th annual conference at the University of Auckland will open in January 2020.

To maintain the intimacy and focus of small group workshops, registration is limited and requires approval by working group leaders.

Participants will submit an expression of interest in a short statement and a preference for the working group.
Information will be provided to working group leaders where a shortlist will be generated and your participation confirmed.


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